M & J, Sandbrook House, Co Carlow

M & J, Sandbrook House, Co Carlow

What’s rare is wonderful and an intimate family wedding in a beautiful country home was just that! M & J tied the knot at Sandbrook House, Carlow with their nearest and dearest in what can only be described as the perfect wedding. 

While the weather was gloomy and changed every few minutes it still allowed us a few minutes to go outside and capture some formal shots, along with some dodgy family shots too. Being able to get ready in a house like this was distinctly different from other weddings I’ve been to, while everyone had their own space there was a warmth to seeing people hop between rooms to put the final touches to different elements of the day, contact lenses proved a funny departure from the typical bridal prep. All in all this was a warm, loving and an intimate day spent with a ‘feet up’ attitude while retaining all the glamour and style of a traditional Irish wedding. Below are just some of the photos from over 600 to be returned to the Bride and Groom today, enjoy….

PS. To each member of either family, thank you for making me feel so welcome in what was a private day. I had such fun and once the ice was broken (and a certain Mammy got used to the lens) all went swimmingly. Maybe we will meet again when Dunderry take on the Cilles…

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