E&S, Belleek Castle, Co Mayo

E&S, Belleek Castle, Co Mayo

They say the best journey takes you home, in this case Eloise & Sean went to Eloise’s ancestral home at Blacksod, Co Mayo to get married in April 2017. The only certainty with a journey that far west was the uncertainty of the weather which could have affected their day. Blacksod is a small fishing harbour in Erris, North County Mayo and is known for many things including its lighthouse. It’s almost as far west as you can go on this island of ours and potentially the weather could have affected things in a negative way. Someone was looking down on the happy couple though and the weather was bright and breezy, very breezy.

The planning for this wedding was meticulous with every detail considered and every minute enjoyed. I know Eloise’s family from Drogheda where her Mam (who will kill me for mentioning her) is the only person to be trusted with minding our little people. She does so with a skill and ease that would put others to shame. Sharon went home to Blacksod for her daughters wedding and what more fitting place for the bride to prepare than in the family home where her Mam had grown up so happily. The house itself was relatively untouched and a pleasure to photograph in, there was history in every corner and on every wall with stories about pieces on walls aplenty.  As Eloise prepared for the day ahead in Blacksod, Sean prepared in the stunning Belleek Castle, Co Mayo which was to hold the reception. This was my first visit to Belleek Castle and it didn’t disappoint, there are more photographic opportunities here than any venue I’ve worked in before.

This wedding involved photo booths, Jaguar cars, amazing music, floral displays like I’ve never seen and so many other elements but it was clear from the start it was going to be special, simply because of where it was and who was present. Both families arrived in style and on form. I’ll remember this wedding for a few reasons, the level of planning which was executed with aplomb by Eloise & Sean, the scenery at Blacksod and other parts of Mayo and for the best ‘father of the bride’ speech I’ve ever heard. Under difficult circumstances Fintan managed to communicate an outstanding and heartfelt speech that did his daughter proud, there were a few people chopping onions…. A message to Sean, you keep chivalry alive!

Here is a preview of only a fraction of the images returned to Eloise and Sean following a great day, enjoy…….

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A mention to the following people who provided various services on the day to ensure this wedding was amazing. If you tell them I sent you they may charge more…… : )

Make Up Artist: Sarah Murphy Pro Make-Up Artist

Hair Stylist: Bella Hair & Beauty

Floral Arrangements & Bouquets: Bella Botanica

Reception Venue: Belleek Castle

Cinematography:Cathal Farrelly

Wedding Band: The Poorboys

Wedding Cake: Mayo Wedding Cakes

Church Musicians: Fintan Sheerin, Emma Day & Suzanna Weedle

Reception Musicians: Flat Out

Photo Booth: The Magic Mirror

Brides Dress: Claire Pettibone

Jaguar Rental: Self Drive Wedding Car Hire