A & J | Lyrath Estate, Co Kilkenny

Strong sun and a warm breeze made this March Wedding a sight for sore eyes. A & J got ready in separate parts of the Lyrath Estate before heading to the most beautifully lit church for their ceremony. 

Generally when you photograph the bridal preparation you can gauge the anxiety levels quite easily, on this occasion though it was quite different. There was no stress, no manic running errands and all seemed calm, it stayed that way. The stunning bride took her time getting ready, enjoyed the build up and didnt let any self induced pressure get to her or alter the path of her day. This was coupled by the Groom, someone I know personally, who enjoyed the day and didnt stop smiling throughout. Being able to return to the reception venue and have a tipple outside really added an element to this wedding which could so easily have not happened given the unpredictable nature of March weather. Guests had to be ushered from the drinks reception thanks to some quality entertainment but when they got to the reception room they were further entertained by some hilarious speeches, some short, all sweet. Enjoy the images below, this wedding was a pleasure to work and the images are evidence of the relaxed nature the Bride and Groom maintained throughout the entire day.

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